PDAC 2015 – It’s a Wrap!

Globe 24-7 was well represented at the 2015 PDAC in Toronto with Managing Director Paul Goodchild, CEO Lachlan Spicer, Regional Manager for America’s Jaime Alvarez, Branch Manager for Colombia Juan-David Viñas Restrepo and Principal Consultant Mary Murray all attending the 20,000 strong mining conference.

The 4 day gathering of public and private mining houses and local & global suppliers meant that there was non-stop activity throughout the city from dawn to late evening. Amongst a myriad of meetings and functions, one early morning highlight for us was the Mine Africa Breakfast and Convention that brought together key individuals, governments and companies to share a variety of topics affecting the African mining industry. Through a range of presentations it remains clear that there is a strong focus on the African mining industry and many companies are actively pursuing their interests in this market even in light of difficult conditions.

As the sun went down, one evening function that we felt captured the spirit of the Conference was the well attended Peruvian event sponsored by ScotiaBank. The evening started with traditional Peruvian dances and speeches before relaxing into an atmosphere of positivity and optimism for both Peru and wider Latin America.

No one denies that the industry is in a state of ‘challenge’ and of course this cant be ignored, however for a few days 20,000 people saw the very best that the industry has to offer from all parts of the world and we were pleased to be a part of it.

We are already looking forward to PDAC 2016!

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