Business Breakfast Wrap-up: Employer Sponsored Migration

Globe 24-7’s quarterly Business Breakfast was held at the Waldorf Hotel in Perth recently.  With the topic of Employer Sponsored Migration. There was a lot of note taking and some valued information acquired by the audience as some of the practicalities, positives, and potential pitfalls of this increasingly growing part of our industry were brought to light.  Breakfast time was invested well by an audience of Perth’s Mining Business Community who were educated by the following Key Note Speakers:

John Crouch – Hitachi – Current Offshore Recruitment Campaign

John Crouch, HR Advisor for Hitachi Construction Machinery gave the audience a real time account of the why’s, where’s, how’s and watch-out-for’s of a successful off-shore volume recruitment campaign. 

Having completed the full circle of advertising locally and nationally with undesirable results, Hitachi Construction Machinery made the call to work with Australian Visa People and Globe 24-7 to identify, target and attract and migrate suitable talent pools of Mechanical and Auto-Electrical Fitters from overseas. 

John emphasised testing applicants’ commitment to such a life-changing move as being as important as their technical skills and experience.  The ideal of moving to Australia verses the reality can often be poles apart so both educating applicants and understanding their key drivers and motivators is a critical element for what is a significant company investment.  John advised employers to make sure they give a true account of the opportunity and potential new home applicants, and to be flexible and communicate well with third parties to ensure accurate information flow as over time the needs of a business changes.

John’s conclusion summed it up well with: “We’re going back for more”.  Clearly a proactive solution to a problem which is not likely to go away soon.

Peter Moss – Australian Visa People – Employer Sponsored Migration

Identifying, targeting, attracting and screening the most suitable applicants to your market is but the first stage when recruiting from overseas. Peter Moss from Australia Visa People followed on and gave the audience the all important overview of how to ensure an employer ticks the right boxes  to ensure a smooth & uninterrupted immigration process.  This is the final critical stage to a successful offshore campaign.

Peter gave  informative insight into legislation, process and the obligations of employers sponsoring overseas employees.  This topic certainly uncovered for those present some of the potential pitfalls in not understanding employer obligations and the need to keep up to speed with the policies and acts surrounding the subject.  In particular the impact on a company’s training budgetary requirements, auditing and the implications of not following correct procedure.  Peter summed his discussion advising our audience to seek professional advice, keep up to date with policy and to ensure that this essential component to sourcing talent is well managed the first time.

From Globe 24-7, thanks to those who attended and  to those who have fed back and engaged in discussion around accessing talent pools overseas.  A great start to the morning and a well spent breakfast time! 

Please contact us for more information about Employer Sponsored Migration.

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