Successful campaigns and market forces expand Globe International Workforce

On the back of a successful bulk recruitment campaign out of the United Kingdom, Globe 24-7’s International Workforce division continues to gain momentum.

Having recently recruited a number of expatriate skilled trade personnel for a major engineering company within Australia, our International Workforce division now prepares itself to take on the looming Australian skills shortage.

With major industry groups calling on the government to deal with this impending crisis, it is no secret that as the crippling phenomena draws ever closer, companies will be forced to look abroad to maintain a functioning workforce and prevent projects from being pushed offshore.

Steve Knott, chief executive of the Mines and Metals Association, stated in a recent speech,

“The existence of a labour shortage in the Australian Resources Industry and the detrimental impact this is having on the productivity of enterprises is now beyond doubt.” *

As our resource and construction sectors brace for these inevitable events, Globe International Workforce is prepared and confident in presenting a viable alternative to relieve staffing issues.

Positioned with a dedicated team of professional Recruitment & HR staff and the location of our operating offices in major global resource hubs, Globe International Workforce provides an outstanding service securing & presenting worldwide talent to the Australian workforce through Permanent Visa application or the temporary 457 visa process.

Recently completing one such recruitment campaign within the UK, Globe’s International Workforce, Damian Cotellessa explains the benefits of this approach,

“From the condition of the labour market within the mining industry in Australia, it became apparent that we had to widen our search and increase the talent pool of suitable workers. Upon assessing the needs of our client, it made sense for our search to include the UK where we knew we would be able to find available, experienced and qualified tradespeople that would seamlessly fit into the Australian way of life. With targeted advertising and an effective screening process we were able to provide our clients with several quality candidates, many of whom are presently preparing for their arrival in Australia.”

In its bid to partner with clients and understand their business, Globe International Workforce has developed its capacity in operating at the forefront of the resources industry, analysing workforce trends and resource demographics, enabling it to provide tailor-made campaigns and deliver real solutions.

Craig Bain

*The Australian, June 30, 2011

Click here to download the International Workforce brochure.

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