Losing Our Hair for Reef

Globe 24-7’s Johannesburg based Recruitment Consultant, Lisa Paluzzi, has made the brave decision to shave her head in support for baby Reef Carneson. Lisa and a friend will shave their heads on the 3rd of March at the “Cansa Shavathon” which is an annual initiative where South Africans can show their support for cancer sufferers by paying R50 to have their heads shaved.

Donations to support the big shave can be made via: www.gofundme.com/losing-our-hair-for-reef – every little bit helps.


South African born Reef suffers from severe graft versus host disease (GVHD) which has resulted in contractures of all his joints, a painful skin condition, lack of tears, and osteopaenia of his bones. Reef, at the age of 3 years is unable to speak or open his hands.

Reef and his parents have relocated to a specialist hospital in Los Angeles where Reef is receiving GVHD therapy that could help him make a full recovery.


Thanks to generous people in South Africa and around the world, Reef’s parents have been able to pay for the expensive treatments and care for their son. If treatments continue it is expected that Reef’s debilitating problems will be rectified within 2-3 years.

Reef’s family makes the following statement on their website, “To see how far he has come since leaving home is phenomenal and he is an inspiration to us all but he still needs around USD400,000 to keep this awesome treatment going – without it he faces life without speech, sight and movement! We are heartbroken at this bad news but remain positive and continue to pray and work tirelessly to raise these funds for our little hero”

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