Globe 24-7’s CEO provides insights on International Recruitment at National Migration Conferences

Globe 24-7’s CEO, Lachlan Spicer, is part of a panel providing subject matter expertise on “Navigating the International Recruitment Minefield” at Australian Mines and Metals Association’s (AMMA) two national conferences on Migration and Labour Sourcing in Brisbane, on 2 August, and Perth on 9 August.

AMMA, Australia’s main resources sector employer group, has been serving the industry for more than 90 years and plays a vital role in shaping legislation by assisting its members in securing migration policy that reflects the needs of the industry.

The Conferences

AMMA’s Migration Labour Sourcing Conferences are among the largest specialist events in Australia and attract a broad delegation of CEOs, senior industrial relations, human resources and migration professionals from the national resource, allied and construction sectors. Devoted exclusively to skilled migration issues, and the skills shortage currently being experienced by resources organisations nationwide, the conferences will be covering burning issues related to skilled migration, such as; the latest developments in governance and policy, compliance advice, impact on current employment processes, leadership in a culturally diverse environment and naturally, Globe 24-7’s expertise on sourcing and attracting skilled workers from overseas.

The Speaker

Lachlan Spicer, CEO
Globe 24-7’s International Workforce

Lachlan joined Globe 24-7 in 2006 and has been instrumental in the growth of the business, which now boasts seven fully owned and staffed offices servicing the Asia Pacific, African, EME, North American and South American markets. Under Lachlan’s management, Globe 24-7 has successfully conducted several large-scale recruitment programs, both in Australia and abroad, including bulk recruitment campaigns from the UK, Ireland, and South Africa into Australian resources companies. His role sees him travel extensively throughout the world, visiting corporate and remote site locations, allowing him to stay constantly up-to-date with international staffing trends and global talent pools within the sector.

Lachlan’s extensive experience was invaluable in developing Globe 24-7’s ‘International Workforce’ division, which he explains, “with current trends in demand and location of labour supply, recruiters can no longer rely on the tactics that worked in the past, when there was an abundance of candidates, and need to reinvent the way they source personnel. Our International Workforce team performs global searches and partners with companies to source, and attract, required skilled and semi-skilled personnel, on Permanent or 457 Temporary Visas, into Australia.”

For more information, please refer to recent news article on skills shortage from Australia’s national daily newspaper, The Australian.

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