Latin America Down Under Conference 2012

In recent years Latin America has risen to become a vital part of the international economy, with the resources industry a key part of this emergence.

Latin America is home to large ore deposits, strong mining cultures and governments which offer stable and attractive investment environments and given the momentum in Australian Latin American relations, the inaugural Latin America Down Under conference was held on 22-23 May in Sydney showcasing this region’s mining sector.

The two day conference centred on the emerging market of Latin America and the investment opportunities this region is presenting for Australian companies. The event attracted over 300 attendees, including Globe 24-7’s Managing Director, Paul Goodchild, and Chief Executive Officer, Lachlan Spicer.

"It was very exciting to be involved in a conference that explores the opportunities and linkages between Australia and Latin America. We typically manage our HR & recruitment for this region from our Toronto office and found it interesting to see how many Australian companies are already operating in the region. Many new relationships were developed throughout the conference and we’re looking forward to exciting times ahead." says Globe 24-7’s CEO, Lachlan Spicer.

Paul Goodchild, Globe 24-7’s Managing Director, adds, "We’ve already done some work in Bolivia, Columbia and Panama and with rapidly growing mining sectors within Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, the future looks very positive for this region."

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