Recruitment programs ineffective? Perhaps your HR strategy needs a check-up

Companies who fail to run an effective recruitment function may have deeper HR issues that need exploring. A common theme in an ineffective recruitment program often goes back to the HR management strategy that is, or in many cases, isn’t in place.

Recruitment is normally more visible and higher profile to Management, so it can quickly turn into a scapegoat if employees leave or can’t be attracted to the organisation. If a company has a concerning employee turnover rate, it may not actually be recruitment practises at fault; the first thing that should be done is to pull back the sheets on the HR management strategy.

To stay competitive and relevant, companies need to develop a clearly defined, contemporary and company-endorsed HR strategy, inculcated from the top-down. Part of a successful HR management strategy is to ensure an open communication forum with the HR department, and it’s not overly difficult.

One example is of an HR Manager who every month, would hold a communication session with the staff and start out with ‘Rumour of the Month’. He’d write a specific rumour he’d heard on the board and then told the employees the facts related to it. They were given the opportunity to ask any question they wanted, based on either that rumour, or any other they’d heard on the ‘grapevine’ during the month. This simple act served to show that ‘HR’ was open, honest and willing to communicate with its major stakeholders: the employees.

When companies knock on our door, looking for quick fix recruitment solutions, we encourage HR managers to step back and consider some of the bigger picture Human Resources questions before making recruitment decisions. Mine sites are high pressure, time sensitive environments, which is why our fast HR Health Checks are popular. No different to a company auditing their books every year, a health-check can provide external objectivity that highlights areas of need which inevitably impacts positively on the recruitment effort.

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Image By Stethoscopes (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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