Preparation, Attraction, Engagement and Retention – Resourcing the Mongolian Economy

As rigorous debate continues over the fair ownership distribution of Mongolia’s mineral resources, it is encouraging to see Mongolian businesses continuing to prepare for the continued and unprecedented surge in business and economic growth.

Not only for mining associated businesses, but for all businesses in Mongolia, now is a prime time to ensure that preparation is being done towards defining how your organisational structure will look. Preparing workforce planning aspects in an effort to capitalise early will pay off for businesses with this foresight. Conversely, being unprepared will result in delays in efficient growth, as the competition for skilled and unskilled workers will be undoubtedly robust. Ensuring your business is positioned to act, attract, engage and retain the best talent available makes for a sensible, proactive approach.

We have experienced a noticeable increase in enquiries to our Ulaanbaatar office for HR consulting, recruitment, and labour hire services and this demand extends beyond what we would consider our standard customer base of mining companies, Mining Consultancies, EPCM’s and Junior Explorers.

Globe 24-7’s Asia Pacific Regional Manager Nick Smith, commented “HR structures, resourcing strategies and workforce planning, as well as on-boarding, training and development processes, are critical foundation factors which business are now looking for assistance to get right. Utilising a flexible workforce through labour hire agreements can also work well in managing peak demand, which is why we choose to work with our experienced JV partners in Mongolia. Local knowledge, combined with international experience and presence, is a winning marriage. Globe 24-7 and our JV partners are growing to meet this demand for HR and Labour Hire services.”

Planning is the key to initial foundation growth and the current period of economic consolidation in Mongolia marks an opportunity for businesses to work on these aspects and gain the competitive edge of being an “employer of choice” when it’s time to grow and meet customer needs.

We are currently assisting clients in preparation for their businesses to successfully and efficiently manage expected growth. When things take off, this head start in utilising simple workforce planning tools, training and HR systems and defining employee valuation propositions, is a smart and an invaluable investment on their part.

It’s fair to say that there is a buzz in UB amongst the wider Mongolian business community and a real optimism about what the future holds. It is encouraging to see this local optimism and that employers are using this time to plan and be prepared for the competition for talent foreseen.

Globe 24-7, our JV partners, and our clients look forward to continuing to working with this strong, people-centric emerging market and contributing to a sound and balanced employment industry and economy.

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