Building HR strategy worth its weight in gold


In 2012 as Australian junior PMI Gold Corporation (“PMI”) (ASX: PVM) made the decision to advance their Obotan Gold project in Ghana toward development, the immediate considerations of environmental permitting, mining leases and plant construction sprung to mind, and so too did their Human Resources strategy.

PMI’s Chief Operations Officer, Mike Gloyne says “The Australian industry is very mature in terms of Human Resources Management however Africa has its own unique rules, regulations and idiosyncrasies and we needed some guidance”. With an office in Accra, Ghana and 10 years experience in HR consulting, we were selected by PMI to work with them to develop their expatriate and national HR Management strategy.

Australian companies operating in remote parts of the world sometimes consider the Human Resources strategy quite late in the planning stage whereas PMI have been very proactive and together, we have been able to establish the remuneration structures, conditions of employment, localisation plan and various other policies to form a robust HR Management plan.

There is a growing trend for mining companies to engage firms who provide more support than simply recruitment services. Human resources management was the foundation that Globe was built on, so we are often engaged to do both; provide HR management support and then manage the recruitment program. There is great synergy to this approach, as we are able to deeply understand the organisational culture and context before beginning recruitment, ensuring the candidates we talk to are the right ‘fit’ for the operation when it comes to staffing the manpower plan.

As the project moves into development during 2013, the expatriate and national recruitment program is well under way, with Gloyne adding “Not only has the recruitment program delivered a high calibre of candidates for our consideration, the HR management support we are getting in Accra has been of tremendous value to ensuring our operational readiness.

After many years of working with companies in Africa, we can speak highly of Gloyne and PMI’s leadership team. The PMI team both here in Australia and on the ground in Ghana are world-class. They understand the need to get the HR-piece right the first time and in Africa, this is critical to the overall success of the project. Partnerships like this, and others we have around the world, enable us to work closely with companies to continually develop creative and comprehensive HR and recruitment solutions for the industry.

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