Mary-Anne’s Adventure

Mary Anne Hughes, one of Globe 24-7’s senior recruiters, spent 8 months working on site at the Thompson Creek Metals Mount Milligan mine in British Columbia, Canada. Below is her account of the adventure from the mountains in her home of Mauritius to the mountains of British Columbia:

It started with a phone call from Perth…When I was asked to be part of this project, I was so excited that I said ‘yes’ before consulting my family! After a family chinwag, we decided that we would all be part of this wonderful adventure…Me up and away and my family supporting me 100%.

Coming from a tropical country, the -25C temperature and 4 feet of snow was a shock to the system. Fortunately, I did my winter wardrobe shopping in London, although the snow boots took quite a bit of getting used to!

The main thing that I remember is how warm and welcoming all the people I interacted with were. Canada is one of the friendliest nations I have ever encountered.

My epic journey from home to the mine site took 2 whole days. I was met at my Prince George hotel by the EHSS Manager and we began the 4 hour journey to the mine site – with a stopover in Fort St James for a well earned Clam Chowder and the honour of making the acquaintance of 2 other Mount Milligan employees.

I settled into Canadian camp living very easily, which was helped by the wonderful service and food (both taste and variety).

Homesickness hit me around week 6, good thing that the camp has full internet facilities as it meant I could keep in contact with my family on a daily basis.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to TCM for the opportunity to be part of this gem of a project. The honour and privilege was mine!

Image by Simisa (Own Work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0}

Image by PanShiBo (Own Work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0}


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