RPO – A Cost Effective Solution to your Recruitment Needs

Having top talent is the key to success for any organisation. However, there is no doubt finding qualified people is one of the biggest challenges companies currently face.

When it comes to outsource recruitment processes for projects or a high volume of roles, organisations tend to choose the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model to satisfy their recruitment needs, as it brings great benefits in comparison with the traditional contingency or retained work. The Human Resources Outsourcing Association (HROA) defines RPO as “a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider”.

An RPO allows a group of expert recruiters to conduct an assessment of your current hiring processes and policies, offering recommendations and suggestions for improvement and to recruit and deliver candidates with efficiency. In addition, an RPO offers a project timeline and a deliverable schedule of candidates depending on the priority of the roles needing to be filled.  Furthermore, there are specific performance targets that an RPO offers your company and some key metrics that can show the Return of Investment (ROI) for your organisation by choosing an RPO as the solution to your recruitment needs. Some of the Key Performance Indicators you will able to measure are: quantity and quality of applications, time needed to fill roles, cost per hire, acceptance rates and turnover vs. employee retention.

Handing over the recruitment process for a group of roles to just one firm, instead of dealing with several recruiters from different agencies, will help decrease cost, save time, reduce turnover rates and allow your team to focus more on other initiatives essential to your business. In addition, an RPO provides the option of bringing specialised recruiters to the site, allowing them to deal directly with hiring managers and gain a better knowledge of the role and an insight that goes beyond the job description. This, as a result, reduces hiring times and by working on site, recruiters will obtain a deeper understanding of the culture and values of your organisation, allowing them to source for the right fit.  An RPO brings with it the improvement of employee retention in your organisation.

Globe 24-7 has recently completed two RPOs on significant mining projects in remote locations. One was in Sierra Leone, Africa with African Minerals Limited.  Our recruiters on site, with the support of our offices globally, filled more than 170 local and expatriate positions on time and within budget. Also, Globe 24-7 successfully filled over 200 positions in a period of 8 months, with a Project Manager and specialised recruiters on site and out of our Toronto office, for Mount Milligan, a copper-gold mine in British Columbia, Canada.

Giselle Kimos, Recruitment Consultant

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