Working Together to Build LATAM-Momentum

As a relative newcomer to the Latin American market over the past couple of years, we have slowly but surely made a deliberate move to grow our business into this emerging market.  As we take steps to see that plan come to fruition, I was fortunate enough recently to make a long-overdue trip into the region visiting our staff, clients and candidates in Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Whilst there is much to share from such a trip, the most pertinent impression I was left with actually came from our meetings with the local Austrade Trade Commissioner Representatives in Crispin Conroy (Colombia), Daniel Havas (Peru) and Dan Sullivan (Chile). These guys and their respective teams are working incredibly hard towards building long-term sustainable trade relations between Australian companies and the LATAM region. They are realistic about the current climate however they are ‘half-glass full’ about the future and remain buoyant in their perspective of long-term trade opportunities.

It echoes the sentiment that José Blanco often shares in his role of Chairman of the Australian Latin American Business Council where, in their most recent newsletter he commented that ‘failure to embrace Latin America adequately will mean that Australia will forgo opportunities that are there for the taking and will result in other nations enhancing their competitive prospects at our expense.

Our own experience in Colombia has certainly been a challenge primarily due to onerous layers of bureaucracy (e.g. it took 4½ months to set up a bank account) but we share the sentiment of people like José, Crispin, Daniel and Dan and we will work together with them to promote and build relationships between Australia and the region.

There is much to learn from one another and the more we can espouse the merits of the region, even in the face of a challenging business environment, we can quickly pave the way for future growth in the years to come.

Los mejores deseos!

Lachlan Spicer


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