Celebrating our 10th Anniversary…

It hardly seems like more than a few years ago we began and yet in some ways it feels like an incredible journey that we have experienced at Globe 24-7 since the birth of our company in 2003. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, it is good to reflect on how we have been incredibly privileged to work with and develop friendships with some fantastic staff, to meet a diverse and interesting range of clients and candidates and to have visited many interesting and beautiful parts of our world.


I am immensely proud of what you have built. This is a Company so far beyond what I envisioned on day one, that it still amazes me and all of that is down to you. Thanks for being part of our team and for the incredible hard work and love you have shown to this company.

As we look back as a team on the past we must do so with an eye to the future. That future is exciting and challenging. We have before us much more opportunity and learning and I look forward to continuing with you on that journey.

You only need to continue to do what you do with the passion and positive intention you have shown up to today and we will grow as a team beyond all our expectations.


Firstly, thank you for the faith you have show in Globe 24-7. Thank you for the opportunity to visit many of your operations and thank you for the continued support and use of our services.

From the outset we established Globe 24-7 on a unique platform of industry experienced professionals working with you to achieve world class outcomes. We have stayed true to our aim of remaining industry specific and we continue to believe that the best possible outcome for all parties relies on a mutual understanding of each other’s needs and a desire to see the true win-win-win that is so easily bandied about but less so readily delivered on.

We appreciate the open doors and open minds that we continue to experience and as always we ask that whenever we can that you allow our team members to visit your operations to continue to ensure that we remain truly knowledgeable in representing you to candidates and in delivery of our other HR service offerings.


Ultimately no recruitment process is completed successfully without you. To those we have had the privilege of placing into roles in the last 10 years; I thank you on behalf of all our team. To those we have yet to place, we look forward to the opportunity of matching you to the right role in the future.


Nothing of what we do matters as much as the service which you provide. We are in awe of the service you provide to those less privileged than us and the sacrifices that you make in doing so.

As we move forward into out next decade we look forward to opportunities to partner further with you and to be able to offer some small help that can be used to further the work you do. I look forward eagerly to the day when one of those that you have rescued from poverty or worse can be our first placed candidate or indeed a new client seeking our services!


One thing is certain. The Globe of today will be very different from the Globe of tomorrow and despite all the plans and ideas of where we are headed, I am convinced that in 10 years time we will look back and be astounded again at where we have come.

Today is an opportunity to congratulate ourselves and be proud of what we have achieved.


Best Regards,

Paul Goodchild, Globe 24-7 MD

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