HR in Focus (Part 2) – Ready-Made HR Information Systems for the Resources Industry – do they exist?

In Part 1 of this HR in Focus series, I wrote about the complexities and challenges facing many HR Managers working in the resources industry.

The pressure on an HRM is immense. Site demands attention; corporate mandates need to be implemented; employees are leaving, others are coming; bonus time is approaching; discipline matters need to be dealt with; a new employment contract is urgently needed; HR reports are due for the weekly managers meeting; union reps are on their way… will it ever end?

The question is not ‘will it end’, as we know the answer to that. The question is ‘how can this be managed better?’

We were asked the same question last year by one of our clients. They were about to move into operational readiness and needed to take their HR function off Excel spreadsheets and paper forms into a secure, centralised and intuitive HR information system to improve the overall management of their HR practices.

Off we went searching for something that was quick to deploy, affordable, scalable and easy to use. We were led down a series of paths that finally ended when we discovered a Canadian-based company that had been quietly developing an HR Information System over the past 6 years specifically for the resources sector. This company is called Ode Systems Inc.

As we looked more into the system, we couldn’t but help but be impressed with the way it handled FIFO and residential rosters, expatriate workforces, national workforces, different currencies, multiple languages, data security, system security, reporting, payroll integration, succession planning, performance management, compensation – the list went on.

We were looking at a system that pulled every HR Excel spreadsheet, every unsecure personnel file, every inconsistent contract and every legacy decision into one single repository that could provide visibility, security, transparency and confidence in HR.

We were so struck by the Ode team and their system that we decided to implement their core HRM module, Talent Track into the Globe 24-7 business. We too have multiple sites, languages, currencies, staffing arrangements and so we decided to launch into a full implementation.

The deployment, training, support and data migration was seamless. We had a designated champion within our business to drive the implementation, but it didn’t take two years, cost a million dollars or require dozens of consultants for months on end. Of course we had some ‘tweaks’ that we needed to make specific to our needs but that wasn’t even difficult – or costly!

As the implementation rolled on, Ode’s CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Mayer came to us to present an idea.

He invited us to become an Ode authorised re-seller of the system in Australia, Africa and various other regions we operate in. He saw that our work in these parts over the past 10 years was a great fit for their system and we jumped at this opportunity. After a decade of conducting HR consulting assignments it is the first time we have seen a true HR Information System developed just for the mining, energy and oil & gas sectors and we were excited!

The way Ode operates is exactly how Globe does in that it is a ‘service-based’ approach and from our own experience as a ‘client’, they proved this in spades. It was refreshing and meant we could trust the way they would work with us and our clients.

We are now in Ode training mode and have just appointed a HRIS Lead to our business in Shiraz Allie. Shiraz has 10 years of HR experience including a solid background in ERP systems implementations. Shiraz has recently worked with international resource companies including, BHP Billiton and INPEX and will manage Globe’s relationship with Ode and our clients.

It is an exciting time for our business and with confidence we can now answer the question ‘Do ready-made, resources-centric HR information systems exist?’ Yes they do.  It’s called ‘Ode Talent Suite’!


Lachlan Spicer


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