Supporting the Development of Colombia’s Mining Industry – A Globe 24-7 Case Study


Bureau Veritas was successful in their bid for a project to audit more than half of the 9700 mining properties throughout Colombia during the following 2 years.

To successfully deliver the project on schedule, Bureau Veritas had to hire a total of 328 professionals, of which 180 were engineers and geologists with mining backgrounds.  By June 2013, Bureau Veritas required 75 Geologists and Mining Engineers to complete this particular project.

Bureau Veritas then partnered with Globe 24-7 and requested assistance in recruiting 15 mining professionals of the 75 open positions they had at that time.  From our office in Bogotá with the support of our office in Toronto, in less than two and a half months Globe 24-7 successfully exceeded the 15 professionals Bureau Veritas initially requested by placing 30 candidates.

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