Are there really too many candidates to choose from?

It is the talk of town; many employers believe there is a large mass of good talent available as a result of the number of lay-offs that have taken place over the last two years.  There is truth to that thought but the reality is that most of the great talent out there has been snatched up pretty quickly to support other operations or projects.  What is definitely true, is that many of the top-skilled individuals are working on a consulting basis and are still looking for a full time, long term opportunity.

Another aspect of candidates available in the market that often goes unmentioned is that often (not always!), employers kept or did their best to keep the strongest players on the team, either in full time or consulting capacities.

While explaining this to our clients has been difficult because popular perception is different, at the time of asking what skills are needed and what the ideal employee would be, they often discuss having an employee who is currently employed with X and Y responsibilities.

Our thoughts as consultants in the industry are despite the current situation in mining and with an excess of unemployed resources, the search for talent is just as difficult as it was when the market was at a high.  The challenges posed at both peaks of the industry are different but the level of difficulty hasn’t varied.  With 12 years in the industry, we have seen ‘highs and lows’ and understand our client’s needs in both scenarios.

Jaime Alvarez

Regional Manager, The Americas