Mining Industry HR Templates

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Complete package of mining industry HR templates, based on Australian standards and legislations

With over a decade of providing HR services to the mining industry, we have now compiled our documents and resources to offer you a one-stop-shop for all the Australian mining HR policies, procedures and form templates you will ever need, whether you’re in early exploration, construction or operations:

Complete package of Australian, best practice mining HR templates
Fully customisable to fit your needs, available in MS Word format
Achieve consistency across your organisation
Ensure compliance with Australian federal and state standards and legislations
Save time and money

The full package contains 75+ policies, procedure and form templates for the main HR areas within mining organisations. You can purchase the full package at a discounted price, or hand-pick specific documents from within:

"Having been extremely impressed with Globe 24-7’s HR and recruitment services, our company recently purchased Globe 24-7’s Mining HR Templates to assist in our continuous auditing and streamlining of HR policies, processes and procedures. The Templates have been an invaluable tool and pivotal in the development and execution of a number of improvement projects under my portfolio. The assistance Globe 24-7 have provided has been nothing short of brilliant."

Liam O’Toole – Projects Manager, Group HR – London Mining PLC

Expand each section below to view policy, procedure, and form pricing and samples. Complete the form at the bottom of the page to request more information or order templates.

Commencement of Employment Templates

Document Name (click to see sample)

Type Reference Pages Cost
Commencement of Employment Policy Policy HR-CE01-POL-00 8 $125
Job Evaluation N/A N/A Company Specific
Recruitment Procedure Procedure HR-CE01-PRO-01 18 $50
  Request to Employ Form Form HR-CE01-FOR-01 3 $25
  Position Description Form Form HR-CE01-FOR-02 2 $25
  Reference Check Form Form HR-CE01-FOR-03 4 $25
Offer of Appointment Procedure Procedure HR-CE01-PRO-02 5 $50
Confirmation of Appointment Procedure Procedure HR-CE01-PRO-03 5 $50
Induction Procedure Procedure HR-CE01-PRO-04 8 $50
Personnel Files Procedure Procedure HR-CE01-PRO-05 5 $50
Relocation Guidelines Guideline HR-CE01-GUI-01 15 $50
Relocation Tips and Hints Document HR-CE01-DOC-01 13 $25
  LAFHA Declaration Form Form HR-CE01-FOR-04 1 $25
  Inventory Form Form HR-CE01-FOR-05 1 $25
National Privacy Principles Document HR-CE01-DOC-02   Free
      TOTAL $575
      AUD excluding GST

Remuneration and Benefits Templates

Document Name (click to see sample)

Type Reference Pages Cost
Remuneration and Benefits Policy Policy HR-RB02-POL-00 9 $125
Remuneration N/A N/A Company Specific
Professional Memberships Procedure Procedure HR-RB02-PRO-01 6 $50
  Professional Membership Application Form Form HR-RB02-FOR-01 1 $25
Novated Lease Procedure Procedure HR-RB02-PRO-02 16 $50
Salary Sacrifice Procedure Procedure HR-RB02-PRO-03 6 $50
  Salary Sacrifice Form Form HR-RB02-FOR-02 1 $25
Bonus Scheme Procedure N/A N/A Company Specific
Short-term Incentive Scheme N/A N/A Company Specific
Share Plan Procedure N/A N/A Company Specific
Travel Assistance Guidelines Guideline HR-RB02-GUI-01 10 $50
  Request for Travel Form Form HR-RB02-FOR-03 1 $25
  Employee Expense Form Form HR-RB02-FOR-04 1 $25
Education Assistance Procedure Procedure HR-RB02-PRO-04 6 $50
Remote Area Allowance Procedure Procedure HR-RB02-PRO-05 11 $50
      TOTAL $525
      AUD excluding GST

Leave Templates

Document Name (click to see sample)

Type Reference Pages Cost
Leave Policy Policy HR-L03-POL-00 10 $125
Annual Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-01 5 $50
Sick Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-02 5 $50
Compassionate Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-03 5 $50
Carers Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-04 5 $50
Parental Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-05 4 $50
Jury Duty Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-06 5 $50
Long Service Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-07 5 $50
Military Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-08 5 $50
  Military Leave Guidelines Guideline HR-L03-DOC-01   Free
Study Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-09 5 $50
Relocation Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-10 5 $50
Special Leave Procedure Procedure HR-L03-PRO-11 5 $50
  Application for Leave Form Form HR-L03-FOR-01 1 $25
      TOTAL $700
      AUD excluding GST

Fair Treatment Templates

Document Name (click to see sample)

Type Reference Pages Cost
Fair Treatment Policy Policy HR-FT04-POL-00 13 (State specific) $125
Grievance Resolution Procedure Procedure HR-FT04-PRO-01 8 $50
Discrimination, Harassment & Equity Guidelines Guideline HR-FT04-GUI-01 21 (State specific) $50
  Sexual Harassment Code of Practice Document HR-FT04-DOC-01   Free
      TOTAL $225
      AUD excluding GST

Performance Management Templates

Document Name (click to see sample)

Type Reference Pages Cost
Performance Management Policy Policy HR-PM05-POL-00 11 $125
Employee Assistance Program Guidelines Guideline HR-PM05-GUI-01 5 $50
Performance Appraisal (PA) Procedure Procedure HR-PM05-PRO-01 7 $50
  PA Preparation Form Form HR-PM05-FOR-01 2 $25
  PA Form Form HR-PM05-FOR-02 5 $25
  PA Action Plan Form Form HR-PM05-FOR-03 1 $25
  PA Record of Action Plan form Form HR-PM05-FOR-04 4 $25
Discipline Procedure Procedure HR-PM05-PRO-02 16 $50
  Written Warning Form Form HR-PM05-FOR-05 2 $25
Termination Procedure Procedure HR-PM05-PRO-03 13 $50
  Exit Interview Form Form HR-PM05-FOR-06 6 $25
  Termination Employee Checklist Form HR-PM05-FOR-07 1 $25
  Resignation Form Form HR-PM05-FOR-08 2 $25
IT Acceptable Use Guidelines Guideline HR-PM05-GUI-02 6 $50
Fitness for Work Guidelines Guideline HR-PM05-GUI-03 19 $50
  FFW Risk Assessment Form Form HR-PM05-FOR-09 2 $25
      TOTAL $650
      AUD excluding GST

Organisational Development Templates

Document Name (click to see sample)

Type Reference Pages Cost
Organisational Development Policy Policy HR-TD06-POL-00 8 $125
Training Request Procedure Procedure HR-TD06-PRO-01 6 $50
  Training Request Form Form HR-TD06-FOR-01 1 $25
Study Assistance Guidelines Guidelines HR-TD06-GUI-01 14 $50
  Study Assistance Form Form HR-TD06-FOR-02 1 $25
  Study Assistance Reimbursement of Fees Form HR-TD06-FOR-03 1 $25
Graduate Program Procedure Procedure HR-TD06-PRO-02 7 $50
  Graduate Program Competencies Document HR-TD06-DOC-01 14 $25
Vacation Program Procedure Procedure HR-TD06-PRO-03 7 $50
Secondment Procedure Procedure HR-TD06-PRO-04 8 $50
  Secondment Application Form Form HR-TD06-FOR-04 3 $25
  Secondment Agreement Form Form HR-TD06-FOR-05 2 $25
      TOTAL $525
      AUD excluding GST

Associated Policies

Document Name (click to see sample)

Type Reference Pages Cost
Code of Corporate Ethics & Conduct Policy HR-CBEC07-POL-00 13 $100
Media Policy Policy HR-M07-POL-00 5 $100
      TOTAL $200
      AUD excluding GST

Pricing Summary

You can purchase the full package at a discounted price, or hand-pick specific documents from within each area:

Area Policy Procedures Guidelines/Docs Forms Cost
Commencement of Employment Templates 1 5 3 5 $575
Remuneration and Benefits Templates 1 5 1 4 $525
Leave Templates 1 11 1 1 $700
Fair Treatment Templates 1 1 1 $225
Performance Management Templates 1 2 3 10 $650
Organisational Development Templates 1 4 2 5 $525
Associated Policies 3 $200
      TOTAL (AUD exc GST) $3400
    Special offer, when purchasing complete package, 10% discount: $3060

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