Mine Site Visit – The Arctic

Many people you speak with about the Arctic are curious about what it’s really like and want to visit one day, only a select few are able to make it a reality.  My time at Globe 24-7 has taken me to corners of the world I never imagined, the Arctic is one of those.  We are currently working on an expansion project for our client, Baffinland Iron Mines, with mine & port operations on Baffin Island, Nunavut.  They are in need to augment their staffing levels and we were fortunate to be awarded the project.

Shortly after we set up our team in Toronto and Oakville, Baffinland sent us to visit the mine & port sites to become acquainted with the project and staff.   We were quite excited at the opportunity to see operations in such an unusual environment with immense differences from what we see in Ontario, BC, Latin America, Australia or Africa.  All of us immediately noticed the flawless organization shown in the whole process from flights to accommodations.  The people and the food – excellent!

We were able to spend 6 days in the Arctic during the summer season with an average temperature of 8C degrees with 24 hours of sunlight and we loved it!

The staff we met do a 2 week rotation, some from the local communities, others from various provinces in Canada as well as South America & Europe and they were all great.  The management staff is very friendly and accommodating.  The facilities are quite good and focus heavily on Safety and everyone’s well-being.

Coming from Toronto and spending most of our time in a corporate office,  we have developed a real appreciation for the industry we are involved in and this just reconfirms our interest to continue as a part of it, even when the conditions globally are not the best.

Site visits such as this one allow us to learn more not only about the mining, hauling, processing and other operations at site, but more importantly about the people.  We are in the “people business” and it is crucial to understand the conditions they are in when working remotely.  In this case, and luckily with all of our clients, everyone is well looked after at site.  We are now more capable of doing our job successfully and we owe that to all of our clients.  We appreciate the time & effort spent when a client allows us to visit them at site and helps us understand the life of mining professionals in various parts around the globe.

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