Peru Day at PDAC

I’d like to share my experiences during the PDAC 2015 (organized by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada) in Toronto, Canada.

This event was held between 1 and 5 March this year having more than 23,000 attendees from around the world. There was an atmosphere of expectation for second half of 2015. As we know the prices of raw materials such as coal, silver, copper and gold are in low levels, which lead to fewer capital investments especially in junior companies. It interesting to see governments eager to attract investors to their country event.

I attended Peru Day during PDAC and it was clear to see the support of government agencies as well as the private sector inviting investors to learn more about the challenges and opportunities within the Mining sector in Peru.  Even though the country is established as a hub for mining, there is still much development possible.

The event also offered delicious Peruvian food, souvenirs and traditional dancing as well as words from both the Canadian-Peruvian Chamber and Peruvian government agencies and industry luminaries such as the Vice President of Operations from Minera Buenaventura, Mr. Igor Gonzalez.

The effort made by the Peru delegation at PDAC 2015 will help catapult foreign investment into the mining industry of the country.

Juan David Viñas Restrepo

Branch Manager, Colombia