Perumin 2015

We were pleased to attend the annual Mining Convention from September 21-25th in Arequipa City, Peru.

This was a world-class mining event with over one hundred thousand visitors and 14000 convention attendees gathering during the five days.

The event focuses on the importance of International mining companies participating in responsible mining for the organic growth of the country at a socio-economic level.

There are two main aspects, Extemin with all the mining companies that have current or future investments in Peru, as well as the suppliers for those companies.

Perumin has open debates and speakers sharing knowledge of mining and seeking solutions to ensure responsible mining and preservation and care of the environment, and mine site safety and security.

Next year will bring Presidential elections and the commodities prices aren’t increasing, yet there was a great atmosphere at the Convention with lots of optimism that in 2016 the mining industry will finally take off and hoping 2017 will be a year of stability.

Juan David Viñas Restrepo, Branch Manager Colombia

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